Dean is a volunteer Certified SCORE Mentor and former SCORE Chapter Chair, District Director, and Regional Vice President for the North West Region. He has developed and managed many businesses. His experience includes member-driven companies, insurance sales and marketing, education administration, and large insurance pools. He loves to teach and mentor business CEOs. 

He currently serves as the Client Intake Coordinator for his local chapter.  These columns are designed for the benefit of the local business community for the purpose of giving current information about SCORE and its resources as well as content for local business CEOs.  They rely heavily on content that is published in SCORE’s Resource Library which has many contributors and partners.  Therefore, their content is not all original with this writer but a demonstration of the vast content resources available through SCORE.  The Rochester Post Bulletin publishes his weekly article on a topic geared toward the small business community. Dean encourages SCORE chapters to use them in their local media.  The articles here are printed in their entirety.



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Dean Swanson