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Treat Investor Meetings Like a Sales Pitch

April 5, 2019,

Want to increase your success when pitching to potential investors? Learn how to tweak your approach — “selling an idea” rather than “asking for money”.


What Kind of Content Is Best for Nurture Efforts?

April 5, 2019,

Content marketing can create positive brand associations, attract new audiences, guide leads throughout the sales process and create long-term brand advocates.


Your Brand Brainstorming Worksheet

By brainstorming brand ideas you can develop a unique brand that truly reflects your business. Use this downloadable worksheet to record your ideas. Read more

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Scale Your Business Through Outsourcing

April 4, 2019, 1:00pm EDT

This session will help you determine the areas of your business you can delegate to an outside source and how to manage it in the most effective ways. Read more

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25 Small Business Loan Terms You Need to Know

April 3, 2019,

Read these 25 terms and phrases to help you understand the language of small business lending and likely make the conversation you have with a loan officer less intimidating.


Designing Product Packaging That Supports Your Brand

Here are some tips for developing product packaging that enhances your brand and helps make the sale for your small business. Read more


Five Factors Angels Look for in an Investment Opportunity

March 31, 2019,

Before contacting angel investors, understand what they look for, so you approach the right angel groups and provide them with the information they need


Checklist: Employee Branding

Employees are a critical element in conveying your business brand, and you must understand their value and importance of representing your small business. Read more